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I’m writing this live report even though I haven’t blogged in forever. And really, I did give up on blogging coz I just don’t have the time to do it and not too many people are reading it anyways. Maybe when my band starts doing lives and stuff, I’ll become more active again. Maybe…

7/8/2014 - the GazettE - PULSE WIGGLING TO DIMSCENE Tour Show #1 - EX THEATER ROPPONGI Live Report

Anyways, on Tuesday night 7/8/2014, I went to my first HERESY only (the GazettE’s fanclub) live. It was a special tour for just songs from their middle 2 albums STACKED RUBBISH  and DIM SCENE. The tour is called PLUSE WRIGGLING TO DIMSCENE and this was the first show in Tokyo of the tour.


I was lucky. I got a lower numbered ticket. The hall holds about 2700 people or so but my number was 482 so I figured I could be close to the front. I left my house and walked to the further station for me, Ebisu Station, since the Hibiya Subway Line was there. If I went to the Meguro station, it’s be a 8-12 minute walk and then I’d need to exit Ebisu and then change to the subway which takes about 5 minutes. So I figured, might as well just walk to Eibsu in 15-20 minutes and take the subway directly. From Ebisu the Roppongi station is only 2 stations away which is about 6 minutes.

When I got out of exit 2 as the map on the website indicated. I saw some girls that looked like possible Gazette fans since they were dressed in sorta casual punk/rock wear and looking at the map. I saw the sign saying Roppongi Hills to the right so I went in that direction. Sure enough I didn’t even need to turn on my GPS. I kept seeing girls dressed like fans going in that direction. There were also a lotta girls already wearing GazettE merchandise. As I got closer to the hall, I saw girls walking in the opposite direction (maybe to get something to eat or drink or something). There were also people sitting down on the sides of the road chatting with each other.

The hall was pretty nice. It looked relatively new. I got there around 5:40 or so.



The entrance to the hall was on the 2nd floor patio area, so I went up the escalators. I saw signs for 700~ and futher away I could see a sign ~700 and I could see big numbers saying 420 and a guy in front of them flipping the pages 430, 440… I was in luck it was close to my ticket being called! Soon enough, they called 480 and then 490 and I could go in!

They didn’t even check our Heresy ID’s even though they said in the email they would. Oh well. The entrance to the standing area was on the third basement level, B3. You could take escalators down. I got there quickly without running. I got into the hall and made my way to the front. It was good there weren’t too many people there yet! I was able to stand on Aoi’s side and get into the 6th row! There were a lot more people in front of Ruki’s stand. Even Uruha’s side seemed to have a lot more people. It’s OK, I’m here for Aoi anyways! It was all good for me! Here was my view:


Pretty damn good compared to last time...

BsAtdD-CYAATbjY.jpg large

When the music finally bumped up the volume, the girls in front of me started closing in the spaces that were in front of them. Some girls also cut in front of me to get closer to Ruki’s side in a line but I quickily cut them off after 3 or 4 girls passed me. I didn’t want to get further way! The live house was very full when I looked behind me. The balcony was also full!


When the live started, the music level seemed pretty good. It didn’t seem like I needed my earplugs. The crowd also didn’t seem too loud. They played Art Drawn by Vomit to start the show and walked on the stage as is without any backdrops or any particular special effects.

Man it was great to see Aoi close up. I could actually see his face! And Ruki looked just as good too. Of course Aoi was dressed black on black on black. But boy did he look good. Those lips! Man those lips. Love them.  I started wondering it would’ve been great if I could see him 5 years ago too! He’s an older man now but he looks good! Right now he’s, 35? Hell if I could see him 10 years ago, when he was 25… yeah.. I’m sure I’d totally melt.

Once they started playing, the crowd moved up even more until there was no space whatsoever between people. I somehow ended up going from the 6th row to the 3rd row. I also ended up sandwiched on all sides. I couldn’t move at all. I had to keep my arms up coz well, I couldn’t really bring them down.  Then when I jumped for some jumping part I basically had to jump at the same time as the person in front of me or the person behind me. I had this guy up against my back. My butt was rubbing against his crotch area the whole time. Oh well, nothing you can do. He yelled a lot.

At first the girl in front of me, she was shorter than me with my platform boots on. Her head was right at my mouth level and since we were so close to each other. I had lipgloss on so her hair kept sticking to my lips. I was like eating her hair. At least it didn’t smell bad. But all the people around me had B.O. as usual. But this time it was worse because their pits are like at my nose the whole time. No way to get away from the smell at all. During the ballads, we spread out slightly so I wasn’t laid up against people. That was nice. This is the summer. Being sandwiched on all sides gets really hot. There’s just too much body heat! But usually, I was just sandwiched and stuck. There was practically no room to headbang in the handbang sections. And sections where you normally reach out in front and do a sideheadbang.. Yeah.. impossible. But I had a bunch of arms to the side of my head reaching out. Even on my head. I did the same though. The whole show I was up against this one girl in front of me, with short hair. She couldn’t move much. She moved even less than I did. The girl on my left was pretty good fan, she knew all the furi’s (Hand movements that go along with different parts of the songs) She also kept her hands up the whole time like me. Probably coz she couldn’t bring them down either.N

I was also so sandwiched, I could only watch Aoi the whole time. I couldn’t really see or turn to see Ruki to the right. I could see Reita sometimes. Once in a while I remembered to look at Kai. He was pretty cool. But hey.. might as well focus all my attention on Aoi. Great opportunity. Although I would’ve liked to see some of Ruki’s performance style. I could see him during the ballads though. I’m still wondering what I’ll do on stage so I like to look at other vocalists’ performances.  I did see Ruki a few times when he came to my side. He was using a wired mic though. So I think he wasn’t as free to come that far out to the sides. But it was nice to see him sometimes. Reita would sometimes come up too. But mostly it was just Aoi. (That’s all that really matters right? Haha) Also since I was in front of Aoi, I was in front of his amp/monitors. I could really hear his rhythm guitar part now. Hahah. I couldn’t hear Uru’s lead guitar part so much.

They played a lotta good songs they usually play at lives like coackroach, leech, hyena, burial applicant, regret, agony, Filth in the Beauty, Headache man. They also did Swallowtail on the Death Valley, 13[-]1 Stairs, OGRE, MOB 136 Bars, Moth Under the Sun, IN THE MIDDLE OF CHAOS. Songs they might've played.. can't exactly remember anymore: circle of swindler, ganges ni akai bara. During 13 Stairs.. omg.. Ruki’s echoing voice was sooo awesome. I could just listen to it all day. They also had this red laser shooting out from the back over the top of Ruki's head. After the song he played with the laser with one of his hands for a really long time as the music stopped. Almost looked like he was having a bit too much fun there. But hell, I would too! During swallowtail, Reita didn’t jump off of Kai’s platform but he did stand up once in a while.  Aoi was so cool. When he headbanged he totally used his whole body and danced a lot. Really a great performer. Still my fav!

For ballads, they played Calm Envy, Gentle Lie, Chizuru, Guren, Shiroku Yuutsu, maybe also Nakigahara. I don't remember hearing DIM SCENE though... I would be in eargasmic heaven with Uru's guitars if they did.. And I don't think I remember being there. OMG chizuru. I was really hoping to hear that. That song live…. Mm…. so good. The guitars and Ruki’s voice. I could close my eyes and just drown in it all but I tried to keep them open.  I few times I closed them for a very very short while to sink it in. I totally forgot about Aoi's twin neck guitar. He played it beautifully and I could see how he uses a twin neck guitar and how to do solos. I learned a lot for seeing Aoi up close :D It was also cool to see Aoi playing his acoustic (semi-electric) for Shiroku Yuutsu. His skills are pretty cool in person.

Ruki didn’t do much talking at all. It was mostly just song after song after song. Once in a while there were breaks. Aoi practically changed his guitar for almost every song. Crazy guy. Give me one of your A-1’s!

Also watching Aoi play really made me want to play the guitar. I thought maybe when I go home today I’ll go and play Kuro. But I’ll also probably too tired seeing as how I’ve been awake since 3am.

The finished their main set around 7:15pm or so. The crowd finally spaced out a little again. We were also very together for the encore chant. I was slightly concerned, because I remember watching one of their old documentaries and them saying they didn’t want to do an encore once because the crowd wasn’t together and that time they ended up not doing an encore.  But we were very together! So no worries they came out again. Just Kai and Reita at first to do the Ride with the Rockers.  After a little talking on the mic, Kai screamed without the mic. COME ON! It was pretty freaking loud. I was impressed.

After Aoi and Uru came back and finished up Ride with the Rockers, Ruki came back. I think they played PSYCHEDLIC HEROINE at this point. During PSYCHEDELIC HEROINE, I really wanted to see Ruki drawing the box with his hands but I never got around to seeing it. I was back to watching mainly Aoi. Afterwards, Ruki did his MC (speech).  Here’s some of what I remember he said.

Ruki: Hey Tokyo! Did are you having fun?

Audience: yeah!!!

Ruki: This is the first time for us to play in this live house. Have you guys heard of this place before?

Audience: no….

Ruki: This is the first time I’ve heard of it too. It’s pretty nice inside though. I’ve been to a lot of live houses. Usually it smells of sweat or body odor or smoke. You walk in and smell it and go “oh. Yeah… this is a live house.” But this place doesn’t smell like that. But this place is so nice, I we’re going to get it all dirty. Right now sweat is flowing, blood is flowing…

Audience laughs

Ruki: I was in the back watching the monitors during Ride with the Rockers. What’s up with you guys not headbanging? You guys.. just kept doing furi. *makes and an action waving his hands at chest level alternating back and forth*

Audience laughs

Ruki:  During the live too, the rest of the band is headbanging with all their might and you guys don’t headbang, you are just standing there waiving your hands *does it again with a uninterested type of look on his face*

Audience laughs

Ruki:  Really. What’s this? *does the action again* You guys in the front are all squished together so it’s understandable that you can’t fully headband but you should still be heading as much as you can and you guys in the back should definitely be headbanging! This is a Gazette live you know! Then there’s also those guys that just stand there *stands with his hands crossed across his chest*

Audience laughs

Ruki:  And when everyone else is headbanding you just continue to stand there *stands again with a super uninterested look on his face* You’re stupid! This is a Gazette live! You’re supposed to headbang.  “What kind of live was it?” “Oh, it was *does the action with his hands again*

Audience laughs at every sentence

Ruki: If you come to a Gazette live and don’t headbang, there’s no meaning in coming! This is a Gazette life so you shouldn’t be just *does the motion with waving his hands again* or *stands still with his arms crossed again* you should be headbanging!  So  you guys will headbang from now on right?

Audience:  YES!

Ruki: Don’t just say it. If you say it YES like that then you don’t really mean it. You should naturally just agree and do it.

Audience: *softer* yessss

Ruki: So let’s do it! Let’s go!

The last songs they play some normal last song and then LINDA ~candy pink heaven~ This was a super crazy song. People were trying to move from side to side but we were soooo squished together it was impossible. Then there were girls that took of their shoes and started crowd surfing. I was busy being stuck trying to shout and wave my hands above my head and then some girl come flying over the crowd to the right of me. The hall staff member in front of the bar is looking and then sees her coming, then catches her as she is rolled over the first people at the bar. She quickly gets let down and then runs off to the side. Then more girls keep crowd surfing. Eventually they’re coming over my head too. I got hit in the head a few times by a body. Luckily, these girls are pretty light. They way like nothing or something. I was wondering how they get on top. Then I see it to my right. They literally just climb up a person’s back onto their shoulders and drag themselves on top of people. It’s usually the same girls over and over and over. I even had a girl grab my shoulder and hoist herself up a few times. I was going.. wtf people! But at the same time I would’ve liked to try it. But there’s no way I’m giving up my spot in the third row. I could see all the members that came in front of me and played. Not to mention… I was sandwiched it’s not like I could even try to do that anyways. I also feel too heavy to do it. I feel like it would be really mean to the people that hafta carry me. Hahahha
During one part near the beginning of the song Uruha and Reita were in front of me. Reita was standing just in front of Uruha. Uru had his hand plucking the strings of Reita’s bass and Reita was reaching behind him to strum Uru’s guitar. They did this for a good long while. I was pretty impressed. They must’ve practiced this a lot hahaha.

Finally, with that song, the live was over. Everyone turned to each other and apologized and asked if everyone was okay or not. Then there were girls holding up lonely shoes asking “Whose shoe is this?” The girl in front of me that I was against the whole time apologized and asked if I was ok. Of course I was fine I apologized a lot since I feel bad for being squished up against her the whole time as well.

I was a bit sad that they didn’t play Sugar Pain, DIM SCENE or the song that started it all for me, INVISIBLE WALL.  If I heard INVISIBLE WALL live and saw Aoi doing his SUGAR PAIN. I could die a happy woman right now. But they didn’t, so … live must carry on. I hope the next live I’ll go to next month will have these songs. I made my way to get a freaking drink. The escalators were super full. The second basement floor, B2, had the drink bar. The line for water or tea as super short. You could just go up and get one. But I wanted my soda damnit. And softdrinks and cocktails had a loooooooooooooooooong line. It continued out the side and up 3 or  4 flight’s of stairs. They actually had a lotta good drinks. They even had red bull! The big sized cans both regular and sugar free. The cocktails looked pretty good too. They had the usually Cassis Orange, Cassis Soda, etc.

When I finally got my coca-cola and got outta there. I made my way up to the first floor while drinking my coca-cola. By the time I finally got to the first floor, I had finished my drink. I lined up to buy my muffler towel!


The line was pretty short since they had a lot of people to handle people’s orders. They all had these little keypads and there was this small printer that could print out a receipt of all the stuff you ordered. Oh and this time it was nice, they gave you a complimentary bag to carry stuff in. I actually like this plastic bag. I’m so saving it!


So final thoughts about the live. It was the best chance ever, to be able to be in the front especially in the third row. And I could finally see all the members (not Kai so much) with my own guys. They do look exactly like I’ve been seeing on my computer monitor all these years. They’re real! I was so close I felt like I could almost reach out and touch them. I was also happy to be able to see Aoi up close, his face, THOSE LIPS, and to see him dance, play, omg.. when he handbanged so super hot! Super glad. Although, at the same time. It’s really no fun to by sandwiched on all sides and not be able to move much. Especially to not be able to headbang coz I love headbanging! So other than the view. It’s not very fun. But hey, the view might be worth it all. Maybe… or maybe not… I’m still debating within myself.
31st-Dec-2012 03:08 pm - Live Report - D - 2012 Tour Final
It's going to be New Years Eve here so I figured it would be the best time to write about the last live I have gone to for this year. This is actually my 4th time attending a D live. Sadie actually had a live in Tokyo at the same time in Zepp Diver City, however Sadie has fallen in my personal rankings from #2 to #5 so D at #2 took precedence. I've been on a vampire-like sleep schedule again so I slept around 10am and tried to rest until 3pm but I was woken at 2pm by uhh... workers.. that clean up and take care of the yard around the house I live in. So I finally got up and started getting ready for....

Live report - December 29, 2012 - D - Tour 2012 Final at Shibuya-AX

That picture right there is what they were wearing at the live btw.Read more...Collapse )
28th-Dec-2012 05:14 am - A long day at the salon
Today was the first time I've ever dyed my hair so I well documented it. Haha

Since I have "virgin" hair the stylist said I would need to bleach it twice before they could put in the color I wanted. This salon was pretty neat, I was wearing a hoodie, jacket, scarf, ear muffs, and gloves coz it's FREAKING cold! As soon as I got in the stylist took all those warm items and hung them up on a coat rack and put my ear muffs and gloves and put them on a shelf. As soon as I was seated she gave me this very de-colored jacket to put on so I wouldn't get cold or the clothes I was wearing damaged. Then she put on the usual drape and towels around my neck. When I was fished getting all wrapped up she started right away on the bleaching. Man is that stuff caustic. I could see her scrunching her face the whole time she was applying it to my hair.Read more...Collapse )
Keep forgetting to write this but I have it up on my web browser with my photo page up as well. So here's the merchandise I got from the last Versailles live. I originally only wanted a towel but I ended up getting so much stuff I couldn't possibly carry it all in my hands so I bought a bag as well (around $3). Here's what the bag holding all my stuff:

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Tonight? Last night? I don't know how you want to classify it since I feel that since it's still dark at 4:50am it's still nighttime. Either way, I went to Versailles Tour 2012 "Chateau De Versailles" Final Show at NHK Hall.

For some background information for those who are unaware, this is the last live that Versailles will be having before halting all band activities. It has not been said if they will continue at a later date or not except that for now, this is the end.Read more...Collapse )
5th-Dec-2012 03:31 am - How I Spent My Birthday
My birthday was on Monday and I decided to do a few things to celebrate or have a nice day. I don't have many friends here in Japan so I went my usual lone wolf route. I woke up at 1am because that's the time I usually wake up nowadays. After catching up and Pewdiepie and the latest releases of the mangas, I took a shower.

After all that, it was then around 4am. My bro was sending me emails all this time and we were chatting through emails. He then asked if we could skype a bit. So I got a good happy birthday from my bro and his gf in person (sorta)! It was nice, we chatted for about an hour to an hour and a half. Skype is always complaining about my internet connection. I can download things at 1Mb/s or faster yet I can't Skype worth crap. I heard it's from the packet ordering but either way it sucks. My video call got cut off 3 or so times.

When I finally ended my call with my bro I went to go grab some breakfast! It was around 7am that I when I went to Jonathan's Cafe and Restaurant because I was craving some hot ham and cheese sandwiches. I took a pic but somehow it didn't saved on my phone so I can't show it to you. (; ̄д ̄) But here are the pics of what I got from their online menu. I got the ham and cheese hot sandwich (it comes with some fries):


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I got the limited edition of Versailles' new album 「Versailles」!

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29th-Sep-2012 09:23 pm - Fooding
So I woke up and did some more work because I couldn't stay up any longer than 6:15am to finish uploading all the files needed one-by-one to a client's site. I then got dragged into another Youtube vortex (it seems to be the story of my life every day). I gotta stop watching these animal rescues, they really suck up a lot of my time. I was getting a bit frustrated because I wasn't getting any response from a certain someone, but in order to get my mind off of it, I still went to my studio practice to do more vocal training and practice the new song. Pronunciation and timing seems to be my biggest concerns right now. Afterwards I was heading to Shibuya to get some food.

I wanted to walk to get some exercise, plus I wanted to go to Tower Records to get the new Versailles album. I decided I wanted fish today so I went to a sushi place. Check out what I got:

I already knew that I don't really like raw shrimp. I also now know I don't really like raw squid that's sliced bigger than a nigiri sushi size. The problem is it's got this weird slimy texture and my mouth is sensative to textures! The whole reason I don't like beans is because of their grainy texture that makes me nauseous when I feel it in my mouth. But I ate those first so I could eat the nice fish last. I think it was salmon, tuna, and... something else.

For dessert, I went across the walkway (this was in an underground basement full of food holes) to a dessert place. I originally wanted a Milk Chocolate and Banana Parfait but I guess she didn't hear what I said and assumed I was pointing at something else. I ended up with some Yogurt Parfait, which was still pretty good!

For some reason, I especially liked the corn flakes. The soft cream was really good. It's not a vanilla flavor it's a cream flavor, if that makes any sense... (´・_・`)

Later on I stopped by Tower Records on my way home and got the limited edition version of Versailles' new album "Versailles" and on my way home... I just had to try the churro shop. If there's any consolation, this is my one meal of the day folks! It was cool they have churro sandwiches and chocolate covered churros.

I just got the cinnamon churro because DAMNIT that's how churros should taste! I didn't take a pic of it coz I came home and ate it and wanted to try it while it was still hot. Well, it's the best tasting churro I've had here so far. I've really only tried one other churro and that was from the movie theatre and it sucked. It was all dry on the inside and it's just got sugar.. no cinnamon. Personally, I'm used to churros having cinnamon mixed into the dough but I think there are a lot of asians that don't actually like cinnamon (like my dad).
28th-Sep-2012 01:53 am - Change in Scenery
Last week I was super stressed out (see previous post) and couldn't sleep. I would try to sleep and lay down but then I'd be so frustrated and worried that I couldn't fall asleep. I'd just waste hours in bed worried and frustrated hugging my Mokona and Blanky. Finally, I got up because I was hungry plus I had a conference call with my co-workers later that day. I decided to go get a change of scenery to help lighten my mood.

First, for food, I went to McDonald's because there really isn't much open at 7am other than McDonald's and convenience stores. There are two McD's near me. One is slightly farther than the other but I prefer to go to that one because it starts on the 2nd floor and goes up to the 3rd floor a building. I like to sit at the counter next to the window so I can look out while eating. Here's my few:

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I've been asked by a few friends now why I stopped updating my blog and well there were a few reasons. I will explain them in another post.

I was originally gonna post a bunch of catch up posts today since I got done with everything I needed to do for the day early. But then I decided to take a nap and then when I woke up I was asked to create a midi of the vocal melodies so well I decided to do that instead. So finally it was time to break out the keyboard!

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