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Ruki #1 "REMEMBER THE URGE" Interview (Part 2) 
13th-Dec-2011 02:42 am
I got a little distracted over the weekend (getting stuck in another manga vortex and creating a mobile site for my webpage) but I finally got around to finishing the first interview in the Shoxx September 2011 Issue. Here ya go:

                                                 Part 2

- Then it's easily guessed how the title of the song ended up "REMEMBER THE URGE", right?
Of course, since it's fine to take it word-for-word as it is, this time and also some time ago I tried to say that afterwards when you look back, you also start to understand a lot, right? In regards to the GazettE, "VORTEX" and this song is something new we started, I think understanding it will eventually start to become clear.
- In addition to the single this time you also recorded to other two songs. First of all, about "CLEVER MONKEY", it seems that this is also Ruki-kun's lyrics-composition, right?  

For this song, at the time I did "Lucy"*, "In a live, I want a song more like this" kind of feeling influenced me. Lyrics....... simply put it's a give me "elbowroom" song. (laughs bitterly) 
 *Lucy is 2nd of the two part/2 day concert series the GazettE had where they had a different set list, costume, and feel for each part/day

- Perhaps, it's kind of like continuing with "HYENA" and "HEADACHE MAN", is there a "in reality there's a troublesome bastard series" consistency here??

So it seems, right? (laughs bitterly)
- Ruk-kun seems like you see deeply through people and situations around you, right?
That's not so. If there's no real harm to ourselves, people are somewhat inconsequential things.
- Then, let's inquire about the other song "Chijyou". Opposite to its title, this has a wet feel and deep lyrics that let loose a unique presence in the world sort of deep hued music, right?

I also wrote this song right around the time we were doing "ABYSS"*. Like how we fit in this world, but like how not only this song steadily completes, is the kind of message quality I was writing.
*ABYSS is the 1st part of the two party/2 day concert series 

- Nevertheless, the title "Chijyou" actually has a great impact.
It has some female kind of sentiments, huh? Even if it has some dreadful things, it also has an amazingly pure emotion. If I have these sort of muddy words, a "Chijyou" kind of title came out.

- By the way, does Ruki-kun have "this sort of girl" that's close to you??
That..... wouldn't that be dangerous.

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Stay tuned for: Personal Interview #02 Ruki

I had to look up the lyrics of Chijyou after translating this and yes... I agree.. that would be scary if a girl was that obsessed with him, which I'm sure there are at least a few out there that are... (。-_-。) Btw for these Ruki interviews I've been using emoticons I've stolen off his twitter posts. (¤␣◉)
13th-Dec-2011 08:37 am (UTC)
thanks for translating!
Question - "By the way, does Ruki-kun have "this sort of girl" that's close to you??"

Answer - That..... wouldn't that be dangerous.

lol. I can imagine. XD
15th-Dec-2011 02:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lot for translating the interview! Looking forward to the Personal Interview.
16th-Dec-2011 04:05 am (UTC)
Thank you for translating
4th-Jan-2012 05:47 am (UTC)
Thank you for your hard work!
13th-Jan-2012 10:43 pm (UTC)
It almost seems to me like Ruki admires these "obsessed love" kind of relationships... He writes about them so often. (^^;)

Thank you for this interesting read!
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